Pension Scams

Are you aware of what a pension scam may look like?


Here at Telefónica we want to make sure you have the best possible retirement. We appreciate you’ve worked hard to build up your pension savings. Unfortunately, millions of people are falling victim to pension scams and we’re keen to make sure you’re aware of the warning signs.


The Scammers techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their tactics. If you’re approaching retirement and a deal seems too good to be true then it probably is!


For more information on how to spot a potential scam along with some of the warning signs, please see the below documents from the Pension Regulator:

Pension scams. Don't get stung

Scamproof your savings


The Pensions Advisory service also created an Online Scamming Tool to help you identify a pension scam.

Please click here to visit The Pensions Regulators (TPRs) website to read more. TPR have also created a video, online scam spotting tool and five step guide, please click here for more information.


It has been suggested by MPs that the Pension reforms may have also increased the likelihood of you being conned out of your life savings. For more information on this please click here


Remember, you may wish to consider taking independent financial advice before you proceed with any transfer. If you have any questions relating to pension scams you can also contact our administrators. Alternatively you could visit the Pensions Advisory Service or Pension Wise websites.


For full contact details on all of the above simply click here.

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