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Employee tariffs

If you're a Telefónica retiree based in the UK, you can choose one phone on custom plan Refresh or Pay Monthly SIM Only, one tablet on custom plan Refresh and one Apple Watch Cellular on Custom plan Refresh:

  • Pay Monthly Handset on custom plan Refresh: Unlimited mins, texts, 50 MMS and 60GB data.
  • Pay Monthly Connected Tablet / iPad on custom plan Refresh: 60GB data.
  • Pay Monthly 30 Day SIM Only: Unlimited minutes, texts, 50 MMS and 60GB data.
  • Apple Watch Cellular: Unlimited data for your Apple Watch. The device shares the mins & texts from the lead device.

Remember, with custom plan Refresh, you can change phones as often as phones change.  All you need to do is pay off the rest of your Device Plan, and you’re free to choose another device on custom plan Refresh. If you transferred from O2 to Capita in 2013 and have since retired, the Telefonica pensioner deal will be available to you too.


What are the pensioner plan options?

Work out how much you want to pay to get the device you want at, for tablets or for Apple Watch Cellular.


  1. Spread the cost of your device on custom plan Refresh between 3 to 36 months.


  1. Select the 5GB Airtime Plan for your phone, the 2GB Airtime Plan for your tablet & the unlimited data plan for Apple Watch Cellular. (don’t worry about the data amount; this is just to give the right upfront phone price and to ensure that you can be moved to the pensioner Airtime Plan). If purchasing an Apple Watch Cellular, you will need a Pay Monthly plan & an iPhone 6 or newer to purchase an Apple Watch Cellular from O2.


  1. Choose from the available device plans for that Phone and Airtime Plan.
    • The Device Plan monthly cost is the price you’ll pay (any out of bundle airtime charges will apply).
    • We won’t charge you for the cost of the Airtime Plan for the duration of your device plan.
    • At the end of your device term, you can upgrade to a new Refresh deal, or if you’re not yet ready for a new phone, you’ll be transferred to the pensioner SIM Only Plan.
  1. Once you’ve signed up to a custom plan Refresh tariff, email your Employee number and the mobile number you want to attach to the Staff Tariff toTelefó You will receive a response within 72 hours and we’ll move you to the pensioner Airtime Plan for the duration of your Device Plan term.


Where can I purchase a device and benefit from the pensioner discount?

  • Existing customers: you’ll be able to upgrade either in an O2 store or by calling the Telefónica VIP team. If purchasing in store, please then call the Telefonica VIP team to add Pensioner discount.
  • New customers: please go to an O2 store to purchase a phone, tablet or Apple Watch Cellular and then call the Telefonica VIP team to add Pensioner discount.


You can use the O2 Online Shop to help you work out how much you want to pay.


Select your phone, tablet or Apple Watch Cellular, then follow the steps above to see the device term and upfront options for your chosen device.


Additional Q&A

I need some help with my Apple Watch Cellular, where can I go for help?

Please visit or speak to us in store.


I have an Apple Watch Cellular on O2 or have gifted it to someone else but I / they want to change network provider on my / their lead connection, what will happen?

If you / they decide to disconnect the lead connection from O2 whilst still within the minimum term of the Apple Watch cellular on the same account, the full remaining balance of the Device Plan for the Apple Watch Cellular will be due.


Can I get pensioner plan discount for airtime for my Apple Watch Cellular that I purchased elsewhere?

No, staff plan discount on Apple Watch Cellular is only available on devices purchased direct from O2 on custom plan Refresh.