Pay AS YOU Go Big Bundles


A fantastic Pay As You Go offer just for you, and your family and friends!

The Pay As You Go offer on Family and Friends is £20 data Big Bundle tariff in exchange for just £10 a month – that’s 6GB of 4G data, 250 minutes and 250 texts for just £10 top up a month. This also includes access to reduced International call and text rates, when made from the UK (compared with standard Pay As You Go charges).


You can offer this great Pay As You Go Big Bundles deal to up to 5 of your Family and Friends (that includes one for yourself).


And that’s on top of your existing 60 Family and Friends Pay Monthly 30% discounts!


Get ready for Pay As You Go Big Bundles

Text ‘DATABIG20’ to 2020


You’ll get a text back asking you to reply with 'DATABIG20' along with your EIN, the Pay As You Go mobile number you want to add to the Family and Friends Big Bundle deal and the name and postcode.


E.g. DATABIG20 (space) EIN (space) Mobile Number (space) Name (space) Postcode.


You should be up and running in 3 working days.


If you have any problems just contact the Pay As You Go team on 0344 8090222.



Can I get Family & Friends deal on one of the other Big Bundle price points?

Sorry, this Family & Friends deal is only available on the £20 Big Bundle tariff.


Do I get O2 Rewards with this offer?

Only top-ups you make will count towards O2 Rewards balance. The extra £10 you receive when topping up will not be counted for O2 Rewards.


I topped up with £10 before I sent my text to request the Family & Friends Big Bundle deal, can I have the extra £10 added?

The Family & Friends Big Bundle deal must be added before any top up is completed.


I have activated a brand new £20 Big Bundle sim, how will I get my discount?

If you are new to Pay As You Go, you will need to do an initial £20 top-up to activate the sim card and start your £20 Big Bundle. Once the Staff Accounts team have verified you are eligible for the deal, they will add the Family & Friends Big Bundle deal together with a £20 airtime credit to cover the payment needed for month 2. If you happen to use any of this balance before you Big Bundle anniversary date, you will need to top up again to make sure you can cover the £20 payment when your Big Bundle anniversary date arrives.


How many minutes, text and data do I get on my Family & Friends Big Bundle deal?

Just get a £20 Big Bundle sim card from any Retail store or, and follow the instructions.


If you want to keep and use your existing non-O2 mobile number, you’ll need to port the number first, before texting to get set up on Big Bundle.


How many people can I offer this Family Friends Big Bundle deal to?

You can offer this deal to up to 5 of your Friends and Family – this includes one for yourself.


Can I take the Family & Friends Big Bundle deal as well as my Telefonica pensioner £20 a month ‘Unlimited’ Pay Monthly deal?

Yes, the Family & Friends Big Bundle deal can be taken in addition to the £20 Pay Monthly deal. It doesn’t affect the 30 Pay Monthly 30% discount deals you can offer you Family and Friends.


I want to move to the Big Bundles Family & Friends deal. Will I be able to take advantage of 4G?

Provided you have a 4G device, are in a 4G area and take a tariff that includes 4G access (like our Family and Friends Big Bundle deal), you’ll be able to use 4G. If you have these things, your 3G sim will work on 4G (although you may need to switch your device off and on again for it to work).


What type of sim card should I order?

If you are new to Pay As You Go, you will need to purchase a £20 Big Bundle sim card. This can be purchased in store or online. You will need to top-up £20 initially to activate the sim card and start your Big Bundle 20 tariff. The EIN holder can then request your Family and Friends deal.


What happens if I order the wrong sim card?

We can still change your tariff and set up your Family and Friends deal but it will start from your next anniversary date. This is because Pay As You Go sim cards usually arrive with a tariff already in place. Once you top up, this tariff activates and creates your anniversary date.


I’ve had a text message saying there was a problem, what should I do?

Try to resent your request, using the correct format.


I have topped up recently but I have not received my Big Bundle allowance, why?

You may be mid-month, meaning your tariff will start from your next anniversary date, or you may have topped up before we have actioned your Family and Friends deal. You will receive a message to confirm when your Family and Friends deal will start. If you are still unsure, please call Pay As You Go Customer Services on 4445 from your mobile.


Will I get confirmation of when my tariff will start?

Confirmation is sent to the Pay As You Go number when we add the Family and Friends deal. This message will only contain a date if we have set the tariff change from your next anniversary date. If your message does not contain a future date, your Family and Friends deal is ready to use straight away.


I receive a text message every month stating I need to top up £20 for my tariff allowance, why is this?

This text message is automatically generated for all customers on the Big Bundle 20 tariff. It is sent out by the billing system a few days before the anniversary date as a reminder to top up. Family and Friends will receive this message but they only need to top up £10.