FAMILY and Friends Discount


When you come to Retire from Telefónica did you know you could still be eligible for the Family and Friends Discount? This additional Telefónica Pension Plan benefit allows you to share this discount with up to 60 friends or family members.


So what’s the deal? O2 Refresh discount

Family and Friends can get 50% off the Airtime Plan (excluding any bolt-ons) when they buy a phone, tablet or mobile broadband dongle on O2 Refresh and 30% off any standard Pay Monthly and SIMO tariff.


The discount is available on core tariff (minutes and texts) only. Remove data bolt-on from the overall tariff price (that’s £3 for 100MB, £6 for 250-750MB, £10 for 1GB) then remove 30% to work out the discounted tariff rate.


The discount is also available on our 12 month and 30 day SIMO tariffs. Please note this Friend & Family discount is not available on Pre to Post Pay tariffs.


Sounds great, how do I apply?

The process for requesting a Family and Friends discount for leavers is simple. Providing you meet our eligibility criteria (see below, ‘am I eligible?’) you would then email our VIP team at Telefó who will confirm your activated EIN.


Once your Family and Friends are connected (see ‘Pay Monthly’ page for a list of plan options), simply text DISCOUNT (space) EIN number (space) name (space) friend’s postcode (space) friend’s mobile number to 2020 e.g. DISCOUNT 802012345 John Smith SL1 4DX 07803123456 to 2020. Alternatively, just text DISCOUNT to 2020 and you’ll receive a reply asking for the above information. If you would like to know how many remaining discount you have simply text the word HOWMANY to 2020.


The discount will usually appear on their next Monthly Bill (unless for example the bill has just been created before the discount could be applied, in which case it will appear on the following month’s bill).


If you’re not sure how many of your 60 discounts you have left just email Telefó and they’ll get back to you within 72 hours.


Am I eligible for the retiree family and friends discount?


  • An individual must have been a Telefónica employee and part of at least one section of UK Telefónica Pension Plan.
  • An individual can only apply for this benefit within 12 months of leaving Telefónica regardless of how they exit Telefonica. For this benefit, Telefónica defines a retiree as ‘an individual who draws at least one section of their Telefónica pension plan’. This is a discretionary benefit which Telefonica holds the right to withdraw at any point for whatever reason. Entitlement to this benefit only applies once an individual has received their first pension payment.
  • Providing a retiree has taken this benefit within 12 months of retirement. A retiree can then upgrade their plan, (or their friends and family plans) at any point(s) in retirement by re-applying for the discount.


Are there any other terms and conditions?

  • From 1 May 2014 all discounts will need to be requested within 90 days of connection or upgrade.
  • The maximum number of discounts you can request is still 60.
  • The discount is available on the Airtime Plan only, not the Phone Plan or any Up Front Cost.
  • Any promotional bolt-on (like the current £5 for top up data bolt-on) isn’t included.
  • Family and Friends discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.
  • Family and Friends discount is not available on Pre to Post Pay tariffs.
  • Any existing recurring monthly discount will be removed when you submit a Friends and Family discount request.
  • If your family and friend changes their tariff (e.g. when they upgrade to a new phone) they’ll need to re-request the Family and Friends discount through you.
  • To make sure your Family and Friends get the best value, please check which discount is highest before submitting a request.
  • Please note the Family and Friends discount cannot be used on connections/upgrades processed by a third party (e.g. Carphone Warehouse).
  • All discounts must be requested using only your own EIN number.
  • This is a discretionary benefit which Telefonica holds the right to withdraw at any point for whatever reason.