pension planner


Welcome to your Telefónica Pension Planner Tool



We understand that pensions can appear complicated and it can be hard to know exactly how much you can, or should save for your retirement. We’ve designed this tool to help you make better and more informed decisions about your retirement savings. This tool allows you to see how a small increase in your pension contributions can have a massive impact on your overall retirement savings.


To access the tool simply click here, however you might want to consider the below first.


What information will I need to use the tool?

Before you sit down with your cup of tea it may be worth gathering a few documents to help you get the most out of the tool. The majority of the information you need can be found on your most recent payslip and latest Telefónica pension statement. Here is a list of the key information required and where you can find it:


  • Annual basic salary – on your payslip.  If you are no longer a Telefónica employee and are a deferred member of the Plan please also follow the instructions set out in the section below
  • Your current contribution rate – the value of your Pension contribution can be found on your payslip with the specific contribution amount found through
  • A value of your Pension Plan can be found by viewing your latest pension statement. This can be found at: If you’re an ex-final salary member with Defined Benefit, DB savings you can view your latest pension statement by contacting LCP. Full contact details can be found here.
  • If you have any pension savings through any other plans/ past employer then it would helpful if you have a copy of your latest pension statements for these Plans when completing the planner tool.


To start using the tool, click here and follow the instructions.


How to use the modeller if you are a deferred member of the Plan

If you are a deferred member of the Plan you can use the tool to help you estimate your retirement Plan savings value.  Follow these simple instructions:


  • Ensure the ‘RETIREMENT PROJECTIONS’ section is selected on the hexagon ‘YOUR JOURNEY’ page.
  • Ensure the ‘CONTRIBUTION ANALYSIS’ and ‘WHAT SHOULD YOU BE TARGETING?’ sections are unselected on the hexagon ‘YOUR JOURNEY’ page.




To start using the tool, click here and follow the instructions.