Budget 2014: Rewriting the rules for pensions


The March 2014 Budget caught most people by surprise in respect of the extent of the pension changes that were announced. The Government is proposing radical reforms to the way in which individuals can take their defined contribution (DC) benefits from April 2015. The Government… Read more »

Changes: Standard Life Managed Cash Pension Fund


What is happening and why? Standard Life has recently reviewed all their money market and deposit-type funds in light of new guidelines which the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is introducing for these types of funds.   As a result of this review, Standard Life… Read more »

Impact of the change to CPI


Impact of the Government’s move to the Consumer Price Index (‘CPI’) as the measure to increase pensions The Government has now published its consultation on the proposed switch from the Retail Price Index (‘RPI’) to the Consumer Price Index (‘CPI’) as the measure of inflation… Read more »