Investment Change: Replacing Trilogy Global Diversified Fund

What is happening and why?

The Trustees have a responsibility to regularly review the investment arrangements that are in place for members. This matter is of key importance and is addressed at each Trustee meeting (and in between if necessary). The Trustees have become concerned that Trilogy have not rigorously applied their clearly defined investment process that they were appointed to do.  Having taken advice from their professional investment advisers, and based on the range of Fund’s available on the Standard Life platform, the Trustees took the decision to replace the Trilogy Global Diversified Fund with Veritas Global Focus Fund. Veritas’s investment process focuses on generating inflation beating returns. This means that they are likely to miss out on extreme bull markets but benefit from better protection in downturns. For more information see the fund fact sheet.


As far as cost is concerned it is expected that the transfer will take place at zero cost although this cannot be guaranteed in advance as costs may be incurred if a significant number of other investors in the fund decide to with draw their money on the same day. The Trustee, with their advisors, are working with Standard Life and Trilogy to reduce the chance of this happening but it cannot be guaranteed.  In the unlikely event that a transaction cost is incurred the Trustee feel the benefit to members from moving their money to the Veritas fund outweighs the cost.


If you have questions or concerns about the option that is right for you, you are advised to take some independent financial advice regarding the choices available to you.