Standard Life - Announcement


Standard Life manages the administration of the Defined Contribution (DC) Section of the Telefónica UK Pension Plan. You may have heard how Standard Life recently announced how they intend to form a partnership with the ‘Phoenix Group’.


Standard Life provided this communication to help you understand more about the proposed partnership. You don’t need to do anything – this is just for information.


Standard Life is changing - what does it mean for you?

Standard Life Aberdeen has announced a proposed strategic partnership with Phoenix Group. It’s simply another step in Standard Life’s evolution over the last 193 years of their history.


Phoenix will own part of Standard Life under the proposed partnership, but it’s Standard Life’s intention that the service you receive won’t change. You’ll still call Standard Life when you need help. There have been no changes to your savings products and supporting services with Standard Life. You don’t need to do anything.

You can keep up to date as Standard Life’s new partnership develops. You can watch Standard Life’s video to find out more through: For more information on your Standard Life pension please click here. You can also find Standard Life's contact details here.