Have you reviewed your 2018 DC Benefit Statement from Standard Life?



Defined Contribution (DC) Annual Benefit Statements - Standard Life


If you're an active member (making regular Pension contributions) or a deferred member (previously made contributions) to the Telefónica UK Pension Plan then you would have recently received your latest DC Annual Benefit Statement from Standard Life for the year ending 30 September 2018. This would have been sent by post, however if you've registered for online access to Standard Life's portal you would have received a mailing to your online account ( You can also access this via single sign on at By clicking on the Quick Links menu bar at the top of the page; select the Standard Life Pension link.


Whether you receive your statement via post or online, you will also receive a flyer explaining who you can contact for more information. Please click here to view the insert. Remember, you can also update your expression of wish form at any point by downloading a copy here and posting this to our Pensions Administrator - Standard Life (or LCP if you have any form of Defined Benefit (DB) savings in the Plan).


I have Defined Benefit (DB) savings under the Plan but only received a benefit statement for my DC savings, how can I also gain access to my latest DB saving statement?


Simply contact our DB Administrators LCP and they will be able to advise further. LCP's contact details can be found here.


Who can I contact for more information?


For questions relating to your DC pension savings please contact Standard Life. For questions relating to your DB pension savings please contact LCP. All contact details can be found here