Change to a Standard Life fund's volatility rating


Change to a Standard Life fund’s volatility rating.


You may be aware that Standard Life (SL) have changed the risk rating on the SL BlackRock Aquila Connect Over 15 Year Corporate Bond Pension Fund (code – PI) (the “Fund”) from 3 to 5, (0 is the lowest volatility rating and 7 is the highest volatility rating).


The Trustee is aware of this change and is of the view that your potential response to this depends on the role the Fund plays within your portfolio:

  • Lifestyle members – if you are getting ready to purchase an annuity: if you invest in the “getting ready to purchase an annuity” lifestyle option, the role of this Fund is to protect against changes in annuity prices. In this case, we do not believe any action is required as the Fund should continue to provide this protection even if absolute volatility increases;
  • Self-style members – if you have selected to invest in the Fund you should consider this change in volatility rating as a part of your overall portfolio and the role the Fund has within it.

If you're not sure what to do you should consider seeking independent financial advice. You can obtain a list of financial advisers in your area and find out much more via the following websites:


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