Transfer in


If you choose to do so you can normally transfer benefits you have from a previous pension scheme into the DC (Defined Contribution) Section of the Telefónica Pension Plan providing the transferring plan is fully registered with HMRC.


Should you be interested in transferring in your benefits you will need to complete the transferring in benefits form and return this to the Scheme Administrator, Standard Life. The Scheme Administrator will write back to you once they’ve investigated the feasibility of transferring in your benefits to confirm whether any transfer can go ahead.


If you choose to transfer benefits in from another pension scheme, this may affect the options available to you if you leave the Plan before attaining two years' service; for example, you may not have the option to take a refund of contributions. The Plan Administrator can give you more information on this when you contact them if it applies to you.


Please note that you cannot transfer in another plan(s) benefits if you are no longer an active member. If you're a ex-final salary (Defined Benefit/ DB) member of the Plan you also cannot transfer in any other pension to this section of the Plan and it was closed for future accrual in 2013.