Investment Options


Choosing how to invest your contributions

With the Telefónica UK Pension Plan (“the Plan”), you can choose how your pension contributions are invested. 


You can choose a low involvement ‘Lifestyle’ option or take more control with a ‘Selfstyle option. If you don't make a choice your savings will automatically be put into the Lifestyle option called "Getting ready for Flexible Retirement".


Why choose the Lifestyle option?

Lifestyle requires the least input from you. Your contributions are invested in funds that are selected by the Plan’s Trustee. As your retirement approaches, your savings are gradually switched into funds which offer greater stability.


Why choose the Selfstyle option?

Selfstyle offers you more control, but takes more time and effort for you to manage. This option allows you to invest your savings into nine different fund options. You can invest a proportion of your contributions in any combination of funds, ranging from putting everything into one fund, to putting some of your contributions into all of them. The choice is yours.


How can I change my investment choice?

You can make a change to your investment choices at any point by visiting- You will need to log into your account where you can view and change your details including changing your investment choices.


If you haven't previously registered, you will need to register using your unique (TM) Plan number which you can find on any correspondence from Standard Life. If you cannot find your Plan number please call Standard Life on 0345 60 60 077.