Pension statements


If you're an employee at Telefónica you can make changes to your Telefónica Pension at any point through Telefónica Rewards by clicking here. If you're no longer employed with Telefónica or simply wish to view your latest Telefónica Defined Contribution (DC) Pension Statement please visit the Standard Life website by clicking here. You will not be able to find this information through Telefónica Rewards. If you've not visited the site previously then simply select 'register' to get started. You will need your Plan number which can be found on previous communications sent by Standard Life. Alternatively, you can contact Standard Life directly to find your plan number, simply click hereOnce you've logged in you will be able to monitor your account, change your investments and much, much more.


If you're an ex-final salary (Defined Benefit, DB) member you can obtain a copy of your DB benefits statement by contacting LCP, please click here for their contact details.


If you are a member no longer working at Telefónica, you typically get your statement within 3 months of leaving the Company. An annual update of your fund performance will be posted to you, so please contact the Plan Administrator whenever you move home to make sure you receive this information.