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Employee tariffs

4G employee options

If you're a Telefónica retiree based in the UK, you can choose from the following 4G employee options:

  • O2 Refresh contract with phone: Unlimited mins, texts, 50 MMS and 8 GB data. You won't be charged for the cost of the Airtime Plan for the duration of your Phone Plan.
  • O2 Refresh contract with tablet: 8GB free data allowance.
  • 24 month standard contract with phone: Unlimited minutes, texts, 50 MMS and 8 GB data for £21.57 a month. Only available on phones not currently available on O2 Refresh.
  • 30 day Simplicity: Unlimited minutes, texts, 50 MMS and 8 GB data for £16.43 a month
  • A 3G tariff is also available.

*If you transferred to Capita in 2013, the Telefonica pensioner deal will be available to you too.


What are the O2 Refresh pensioner plan options?

Work out how much you want to pay to get the phone you want at (or for tablets).

  1. Choose the phone you want on O2 Refresh and click on ‘O2 Refresh Pay Monthly’.
  2. Select 1GB Airtime Plan (don’t worry about the data amount; this is just to give the right upfront phone price and to ensure that you can be moved to the pensioner Airtime Plan).
  3. Choose from the available Phone Plans for that Phone and Airtime Plan.
    • The Phone Plan monthly cost is the price you’ll pay (any out of bundle airtime charges will apply).
    • We won’t charge you for the cost of the Airtime Plan for the duration of your Phone Plan.
    • At the end of your 24 month Phone Plan, you can upgrade to a new Refresh deal, or if you’re not yet ready for a new phone, you’ll be transferred to the pensioner Simplicity Plan.
  4. Once you’ve signed up to O2 Refresh, complete the updated online discount form, within 72 hours you will receive a response and we’ll move you to the pensioner Airtime Plan for the duration of your Phone Plan.

 Where can I get the O2 Refresh pensioner deal?

  • Existing customers: you’ll be able to upgrade either in an O2 store or by calling the Telefonica VIP team
  • New customers: you’ll be able to buy a phone and connect to O2 Refresh in an O2 store.

 You can use the O2 Refresh website to help you work out how much you want to pay.


Select your phone, then follow the steps above to see the Phone Plan and upfront options for your chosen phone.


I’m buying a 4G ready phone, but 4G isn’t available yet where I live/work – what should I do?

You have 2 options. You can take an unlimited 3G data plan (you can change once to a 4G plan to get 4G speeds when available). Or still take an 8GB 4G tariff ready for when 4G becomes available in your area. (All of our tariffs are compatible with 3G as standard).


You can check the latest O2 4G coverage at


Can I change Data plans?

Yes, but only once. So if you start with 4G and change your mind you can’t go back to 4G until the 24 months are over.


Think you’ll need extra 4G data?

For 4G extra data bolt-ons can be purchased. 500MB for £6 or 1GB for £10. You can add a maximum of 3x 500MG and up to 3 x 1GB = grand total 4.5GB.


Speed to O2 Refresh now available to Telefonica pensioners.

If you fancy a new phone but you’re still in the middle of an existing contract, Speed to Refresh gives you the choice of changing to O2 Refresh by paying off the balance of your remaining standard mobile agreement early and we’ll help out by knocking 25% off this cost.


Don’t forget you can also get cash back for your old phone with O2 Recycle.


You can Speed to Refresh by going into an O2 Store or contacting the Telefonica VIP team (0344 5760202).


Find out more at (but please note you won’t be able to use the online options for a pensioner tariff).


Changes to ‘standard’ mobile tariff pensioner deals

From 29 August 2013 we removed from sale our 12 month standard 3G handset tariff as we believe that O2 Refresh gives you the flexibility you need to upgrade anytime.


We’re keeping our 24 month standard tariff. This will only be available on phones not currently available on Refresh. Phones from the O2 Refresh range won’t be available on an employee 24 month standard tariff.


Additional Q&A

I am part way through my contract with a 4G ready device, what are my options?

You can tariff transfer (not available on a new connection or upgrade):

  • 3G 12 month standard to 4G 12 month standard
  • 3G 24 month standard to 4G 24 month standard
  • 3G Simplicity to 4G Simplicity

Your tariff tenure does not increase if you tariff transfer.


Remember, you need 4G Sim, 4G software and 4G coverage to with your 4G device.


Did you buy the iPhone 5 during the 4G Price Promise period?

If you purchased your IPhone 5 between 17 September 2012 and 31 March 2013 then you still qualify for your ‘Speed to Refresh’ discounted fast track fee. You’ll need to pay the full cost of upgrade when you upgrade to O2 Refresh but we’ll refund you the discount amount within 14 days from when we move you to the O2 Refresh pensioner tariff.


I have a current pensioner tariff and am part way through my contract with a 3G device, what are my options?

You can buy out of your existing contract (Text UPGRADE to 21602 to get your buy out fee). Remember to recycle your device to get you some extra cash. Then choose a new phone on Refresh (or standard tariff for phones not on Refresh).


What are the early upgrade options?

Early upgrade is 1 month for 12 month standard and 3 months for 24 month standard. This applies to both 3G and 4G. When you tariff transfer across this moves over as well.