Change to a Standard Life fund's volatility rating


Change to a Standard Life fund’s volatility rating.   You may be aware that Standard Life (SL) have changed the risk rating on the SL BlackRock Aquila Connect Over 15 Year Corporate Bond Pension Fund (code – PI) (the “Fund”) from 3 to 5, (0… Read more »

Summer 2015 Budget Announcements


What are the main pension changes?   There are three main pension tax changes which the government will introduce from 6 April 2016 to partly help fund changes to the inheritance tax threshold. The main changes include:   The standard lifetime allowance is changing, (the limit… Read more »

Retirement flexibility


Your Pension. Your Choice   Your retirement savings are exactly that, yours, and from April 2015 you will have the freedom to take your savings in a way that suits you. What this means for you will depend on whether you have savings in the… Read more »