Member Nominated Trustee Elections - And the Winner is...


Telefónica UK Pension Plan – Member Nominated Trustee (MNT) Elections 2017 - Results


In April we announced how one of our Member Nominated Trustees (MNTs), Trevor Boon, decided he would like to step down. As a result we begun the process of electing a new MNT. Following your votes we're delighted to announce the winner of the election process is Andrew Davies and consequently he has been successfully elected to the Trustee Board. 


Andrew has over twenty years pensionable service in TUK and is currently a contributor to the DC scheme and recipient from the DB scheme. Andrew has a keen interest in this area and states how he will be able to provide useful insights as a pensioner member whilst bringing his analytical skills and ethical viewpoint to the benefit of all members.


We thank the nominees who stood for election and all those who casted their vote. We welcome Andrew to the Board.


The Telefónica Pensions Team